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Why Are My Nails Thick? Understanding Causes and Solutions

Why Are My Nails Thick?

Well when the nail fold gets damaged due to trauma, it essentially squeezes out your new nail like the damaged nozzle of a tube of toothpaste. Very uneven and thick.

It is often caused by head-on trauma to the nail matrix. Examples of this action would be poorly fitting shoes, steel-toe cap boots, and high-impact sports.

What can you do to manage it? In short, the only way is to reduce the thickness through a simple nail file and correct nail care.

What other things cause thick nails? Another very common cause is fungi in the nails. This is usually seen with white discoloration.

If your nails flake off and usually split, this could be a sign of psoriatic nails, a side effect of having skin psoriasis.

If you have any problems with your nails don't forget to call in the experts. Newcastle Podiatry is a home service dedicated to fixing all of your foot care needs and making sure your feet feel comfortable.

Message now if you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment.

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