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What is Podiatry

A podiatrist is a health care professional that has undergone three years of training at university level. All qualified podiatrists will now hold a bachelors of science (honours) degree, and most recent graduates will also be trained in the administration of Local Anaesthetic and be qualified to supply certain drugs such as oral antibiotics.

The term 'Chiropody' can often refer to simple nail care only and as a profession we have recently decided to remove this term, as it does not promote the comprehensive knowledge and skill that it takes to be a podiatrist.

Whenever deciding on your foot care practitioner you should always ask and check whether they are 'Health and Care Professions Council' registered. This ensures that they are fully qualified and registered with the health board of which they are accountable to.


You can easily check if your podiatrist is on this register by going to-

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