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Custom Insoles and Orthotics

Custom Insoles and Orthotics

What are orthotics?


Orthotic devices are inserts that go directly into your shoes. People often refer to them as insoles but they are exactly the same. The purpose of your orthotic will depend on what foot condition you have. An example would be that if you were suffering with heel pain, an insole device may help get you pain free and stop the pain coming back.

What type of orthotics are there?

You may have noticed that when you go to your local pharmacy, that you can find some ‘off the shelf’ devices which are sometimes made of gel or soft foam. These are not custom devices and rarely provide much benefit. We always advise a well-fitting and supportive shoe first over any other solution. If all conservative options have been considered first, then your podiatrist may recommend orthotic devices for you. 

It is very important to provide a range of options as not everyone is the same. For this reason, we also offer Edser insole devices which are created and sent over to us from Barcelona. The manufacturing experts in Spain have decades of experience working with even the most complicated cases, allowing us to create devices for people with deformities and those who require something even more bespoke, to fit ski or football boots for example.

We provide fully custom orthotics at Newcastle Podiatry when necessary to make sure the best possible results are achieved every time. Getting the right device depends on your age, foot type, lifestyle, shoes, and what foot condition we are trying to solve. Your podiatrist will first carry out a biomechanical assessment, advise you of the cause of the problem, and then discuss the style of orthotic device with you. We work closely with an ingenious orthotic manufacturer in Newcastle that 3D print the devices using laser scanned casts that we provide them to provide you with incredible accuracy and comfort. Podfo are the only company to provide progressive-flex technology which allows us to finally create a device that supports the foot while simultaneously allowing controlled movement. This is especially helpful to those who enjoy running and sports.

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